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Many STIs Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics

Common sexually transmitted diseases

STIs are one of the biggest concerns in sexual health along with unwanted or dangerous pregnancies. All freedoms come with their benefits and their costs, and sex is no exception. In the last few years, STI contagion has peaked in the United Kingdom, to the point that public health organisms have turned their heads towards this particula area of our lives. The government is aware of the need to create and mantain good sex health programmes and educational campaigns, so everyone has the chance to carry out a safe and fullfilling sex life.

Many STIs are out there, being passed on from person to person, and it’s impotant to get to know them so we can identify them, protect ourselves - and others - from them, and also be aware of the importance of getting tested and undergoing treatment if necessary. Read More...

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  • Many STIs Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics
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