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BRC Library

Our library is a unique collection of community and campaigning materials - such as reports, pamphlets and news cuttings - covering both local and national issues. We also subscribe to a wide range of newspapers and magazines. We aim to make information on government policy and local economic developments easily accessible.

These are just some of the topics covered...



LEAs; League Tables; Bullying; Local Schools Issues

Government Policy


Spending/budget; Education; Race Relations; Services; Inner City Regeneration; Training



Access; Disabled Students; Benefits; Homes; Government Grants; Fund Raising



Rights at Work; Part-time workers; Wages; Pensions



Race Relations; Racial Abuse; Racial Bias; Employment; Housing Law; Benefits; Health; Police



Health Issues


NHS; Poverty; HIV/AIDS; Food Issues; Hazards at work



Homelessness; Housing Rights; Tenants Participation

Trade Unions


Pay & Conditions; Unemployment; Industrial Relations

Women's issues


Employment hours; Low pay; Stereotypes; Maternity Rights; Health; as carers; housing

Black Community Issues


Black businesses; Black Politics; Black voluntary sector; Black population

Civil Rights & Policing


Police Corruption; Crime; Magistrates; Access to Land; Criminal Justice Bill; Electronic Tagging; Law & Order

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Issues


Policy; Laws; Sex Education; Lesbian mothers; Age of consent; Transitioning

We do not subscribe to any party political magazines or newspapers - although we welcome donations of these by local groups.

Please note that this library has not been updated for some years, however there are some very useful historical publications.