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Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) Publications

Exploring Experiences of Poverty in Bradford

By Bal Athwal, Mike Quiggin, Deborah Phillips and Malcolm Harrison.

Recession, Poverty and Sustainable livelihoods in Bradford

By Bal Athwal, Lucy Brill, Graeme

Chesters and Mike Quiggin,

Bradford Resource Centre and

Community Statistics Project,

Oxfam GB and International Centre

for Participation Studies, Bradford

University. †††††††††††††††††††††††††(.PDF format)


Neighbourhood, Community and Housing

in Bradford: building understanding

between new and settled groups


Final report to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation


By Deborah Phillips, Bal Athwal,

Malcolm Harrison, David Robinson,

Nadia Bashir and Judith Atkinson

(.PDF format)


Other Community Statistic Reports 

BRC's Community Statistics Project has analysed and written up several local surveys which can be viewed here as PDF files, including ....

Health needs of Somali Women in Leeds  

Friends of Lister Park report

Parkside Survey

Towards Independence and Inclusion (disability and employment) 


BRC Articles

Bradford VCS scoping September 2008-10 Repagination (Word Format)

Strategy for Bradford Districtís VCS- February 2010 V.2 (Word Format)

Working The Web
A brief guide to successful surfing(PDF format)

Research Agendas
'How do Community Agendas for research differ from Government Agendas?'
- Mike Quiggin (PDF format)

Guest Articles

The Legend of Self-Segregation
Ludi Simpson challenges the idea that Bradford's communities are self-segregating on ethnic lines - Paper presented at BRC Community Digest, September 2002 (PDF format)

Willing Partners
The role of voluntary and community organisations in the democratic process is explored by Gary Craig from the University of Hull. This paper is a follow-up to his Community Digest presentation in May 2002 (Word format)