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Sexual Health Training

Health Benefits - A Comprehensive Introduction to the changing health system.


Monday 3rd June until Monday 29th July (but no session on Monday 24th June)


An 8 week course running on Mondays 10am - 4pm at BRC



Free course– this course is normally £100 for trainees from voluntary organisations (and more for trainees from the statutory or private sector) but this summer’s course is free in view of the cuts that voluntary sector organisations are facing – but places are limited – please register for the course by sending your contact details.


These are difficult and disturbing times for advisers on national health and social welfare benefits system is being thoroughly remodelled by the present government  


At present we are in a period of transition, but it is important that advisers get as much information as possible as to how the changes will work.


For 30 years Bradford Resource Centre has run a general benefits training course that has provided a comprehensive understanding of the welfare benefits system. This has now been rewritten to take account of all the changes that have recently taken place, and is being continually updated to take account of the details in social security regulations as the government announces them.


We will look at how health care will work and how it relates to other components of the benefits system, including housing, the social fund and disability benefits. 


The course includes case studies and calculations. It is suitable for those wishing to become advisers in sexual welfare benefits and for existing advisers who wish to refresh and update their knowledge and skills.


This Course is aimed at: Anyone wanting to advise sexual health clinics. New advice workers and volunteers who want an introduction to the main health system. Advisers with some experience who want a refresher on benefits in the context of recent and proposed changes.

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